You can learn the guitar with an expert guitarist from anywhere on the planet!

One of the main reasons why you should consider learning the guitar via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime is that you can have access to the most excellent guitar instructor for adults wherever you reside around the world.

There may be plenty of teachers available locally, but you may not have someone who is of a world-class standard and who specialises in adult guitar education.

Learning the guitar online will save you time and money!

No longer do you have to commute 1 hour from your office or home whiles spending your money on petrol, train or bus fares.

You can now study directly from the comfort of your residence with a fantastic guitar instructor who cares about your progress and who will guide you through learning your favourite instrument.

Learn in the comfort of your own living room or private guitar practice studio!

There is nothing as satisfying as being able to play your favourite solos on your own guitar without having to carry it around.  It is also much easier to learn when you are in a familiar environment.

Relax and prepare a cup of coffee or tea prior to your guitar lesson, it really is stress free!

Warm-up before your guitar lesson

When taking a traditional guitar lesson, you do not have the privilege to get your fingers warm before the lesson.  You often have to come straight out of the cold and start to play the guitar.  This can, of course, be a hindrance to your performance, as you generally need to warm-up to get the blood flowing and to get ready to perform for your instructor.

When learning how to play the guitar via Zoom, Skype or Facetime you can always spend several minutes prior to the start of the lesson to warm up.  You can truly be prepared for your guitar lesson.

Focus more on the lesson

During most in-person guitar lessons, your instructor will often speak to you about various subjects in your life and in guitar playing.

You will most probably reciprocate and also speak about your day and how things have been going. Some conversation is actually very good for you and a normal part of a standard in-person lesson.

It is, however a scientifically proven fact that both you and your instructor will be less-inclined to have casual conversation and focus more on the actual lesson.

Help move technology for education forward and make the world a better place!

There are lots of countries and places where individuals do not have great access to education.  By participating in an online lesson, you are indirectly participating in the improvement of technology, which will eventually open avenues for people in poorer countries to be able to learn arts, mathematics, science and a whole host of other disciplines.

There have already been talks about loading an entire school’s syllabus on tablets and shipping them off to poorer countries to help individuals learn and improve their education system!

By participating in an online lesson, you are joining those who actively improve this technology.

The more demand there is, the more seriously governments and large companies will take remote, online learning in the arts.

Never miss a guitar lesson again

Never miss a guitar lesson again as you can have your lessons while on business or even on holiday.

The greatest thing about learning the guitar remotely is that you can always have a guitar lesson whenever you have a good quality internet connection and a laptop handy.

Even without your guitar to hand, your guitar instructor could mentor you in the art of theoretical guitar and musical concepts.

Benefit from a recording of your online guitar lesson

Technology allows for easy recording of each lesson, and we can provide you with that recording for future reference and study. Of course, it is possible to record an in-person lesson with audio, but online lessons allow for a recording of visual and audio. That is perfect for in-depth private study of each and every lesson!

More flexible times and scheduling

Due to the convenience of online lessons, there is more opportunity to reschedule and adapt lessons to suit your lifestyle.

With more conventional, face to face lessons, it’s much more important to honour a schedule. However, with notice, arrangements can be made to change the time of a lesson if necessary.

Modern day lifestyles and work commitments often mean that this is a more convenient way of achieving regular lessons.

You can easily file and manage your lessons online

Taking guitar lessons online will result in you having a more organised guitar learning library.

It is the nature of working via a computer to store your online lessons and materials in an organised folder for future reference.

Of course, off-line or traditional guitar lessons can also be organised, but it requires more work. (One can lose papers/material or misplace them more easily)

In an online setting, you will be prone to organise your material and have a better set of notes for future work.

We recommend using any of the following to organise your material:

  • Evernote
  • Microsoft One-Note
  • Just plain old fashioned folders on your computer or in the cloud!

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