Is it really possible?

When you wonder if it is possible to learn how to play the guitar or improve your current skills via Skype, you should instead wonder why it would be impossible.

Your doubts are probably based on unfounded facts, beliefs or ideas instead of being based on facts. You have perhaps discussed with friends or family members who think that it is a terrible idea and that guitar lessons should be attended in person.

Why would it have to be the case if you consider the power of today’s new technology?

It was, indeed, a bit daunting a few years ago, but the speed of our internet connections has improved so much lately that we can work with a clear image and zero delays.

At The Online Guitar Institute, we provide a large number of Skype guitar lessons weekly, and we do not experience any issue. Our online students reside in various countries around the world while our instructors are located in London, UK. All our pupils are delighted with their progress and love attending their guitar lessons via Skype.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, they are actually making faster progress than most students who study the guitar in person at our studios in London, at The London Guitar Institute.

They attend lessons relaxed and rested as they do not need to commute and stress on their way to their guitar lessons. Also, they are able to warm up before their lesson and begin in the right frame of mine.

Young lady attending Skype guitar lesson

Taking Skype guitar lessons is truly a fantastic alternative to lessons in-person especially for those who live in a remote area, those who want to have access to the most skilled and experienced guitar instructors for adults available today and those who do not have time to commute to a guitar school.

If you have a good internet connection, a device (computer, laptop, smartphone) and a guitar, you can easily learn how to play or polish your game with top-notch guitar instructors who make themselves available to you online.

At The Online Guitar Institute, we strictly work with outstanding guitar instructors who have a broad experience in teaching adults and who are genuinely interested in your progress. Your instructor will always guide you in a manner that suits your personality and current level. He will ensure that all aspects of guitar playing are covered and that you benefit from well-balanced Skype guitar lessons which are both highly educational and enjoyable.

If you are still unsure that our Skype guitar lessons are for you and that you feel that you should resign and study with a possibly poorly trained local instructor, why not giving it a go and see for yourself?