The excitement of learning to play the guitar via Skype

We live in an exciting world where local has become global!

You no longer have to live in central London to study with some of London’s most sought-after guitar instructors!

You can now enjoy world-class guitar instruction from the comfort of your residence from anywhere around the globe!

At The London Guitar Institute, we are proud to work with remarkable guitar teachers who know how to take you from point A to B in a manner that suits your current skills and personality perfectly.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a proficient guitarist, attending Skype guitar lessons with us will surely help you achieve your goals and master the guitar in a way that you have perhaps not thought was possible.

Thanks to the power of the new technology, taking in-person or Skype lessons is identical. We could even say that there are more benefits in attending online!

If you are a passionate guitarist who wants to either learn or improve your technique and skills significantly, our Skype guitar lessons are undoubtedly the option you should go for. Isn’t it fantastic to have access to some of London’s greatest guitarists and pedagogues wherever you reside?

We specialise in Skype guitar lessons for adults

At The London Guitar Institute, we specialise in teaching adults. We have more than twenty decades of experience in the field of adult guitar education and a highly praised understanding of adults who either want to embark on a guitar journey or polish their overall guitar playing with the most excellent guitar instructors.

Teaching adults requires a specific set of skills that all our instructors possess. They know how to approach each of their students differently in accordance to their personality, level and abilities.

They are such brilliant guitar instructors that you can be assured to benefit from memorable Skype guitar lessons and make remarkable progress without ever feeling judged or patronised. On the contrary, you will always be encouraged and taught the skills necessary to improve regularly.

You can learn a large variety of guitar styles with us online

At the London Guitar Institute, you are welcome to book your Skype guitar lessons in the style of your choice.

You can choose between any of the following styles:

You can choose to take your Skype guitar lessons in a one-to-one setting or group format

We are delighted to be able to offer two options as some guitarists prefer the privacy offered by one-to-one lessons. In contrast, others enjoy socialising while improving their guitar skills.
You can choose between any of the following formats:

Contact us to book your first Skype guitar appointment


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Alternatively, you can also write to our manager Stefan Joubert at to book your first Skype lesson.

Booking your first Skype guitar lesson is very very easy.

Once you contact us, we will provide you with a list of time slots to choose from.

You can then select the time slot that suits you best, make your payment online via Paypal, Stripe or Square Up and then take your lesson at that specific time slot.

If you then want to join a regular Skype guitar course we will then arrange your course for you and help you achieve your musical dreams!