Skype Jazz guitar lessons

At The Online Guitar Institute, we are proud to offer the most excellent Skype jazz guitar lessons for adults available on the internet. Despite most online jazz courses, our Skype jazz guitar lessons are incredibly similar to in-person lessons. They are conducted weekly on a set day and time and are seriously provided by outstanding jazz instructors who genuinely care about your progress and overall jazz education.

We are delighted to say that our broad experience in teaching adults sets us apart. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in adult education, we are able to offer Skype jazz guitar lessons that suit all adult jazz enthusiasts whether they have no prior experience or are already playing the guitar for several years.

Jazz guitarist

By taking your Skype jazz guitar lessons at The Online Guitar Institute, you will have the immense privilege to study under the guidance of an expert who will support you in your endeavour to become a brilliant jazz guitarist. We are happy to say that we possess the right set of skills and psychology to make your Skype guitar lessons an amazing success!

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”

Our Skype jazz guitar lessons are perfect for all. They can either be attended by those who live in a remote area or others who do not find the time to travel to our fantastic guitar academy in the City of London called The London Guitar Institute.

  • Learn the secrets of jazz guitar playing from the comfort of your residence
  • Study with outstanding jazz guitar teachers who have a great experience in teaching adults
  • Discover a mind-blowing universe of sounds, chords, inversions and mathematical possibilities
  • Improve your right-hand and left-hand techniques as well as your understanding of the modes
  • Master the II V I chord progression
  • Increase your jazz guitar repertoire and learn amazing improvisations skills

By creating The Online Guitar Institute, we wanted to offer all guitar enthusiasts to benefit from the most excellent guitar instruction for adults whether they are located in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or America.

We are pleased to say that our Skype jazz guitar lessons are incredibly successful as they are attended by a large number of jazz guitar lovers who can now have access to a top-notch guitar instructor!