One to one Skype guitar lessons

Our one to one Skype guitar lessons are ideal for all adults who want to benefit from a highly personalised guitar instruction from the comfort of their residence. Provided by excellent guitar teachers who specialise in teaching adults, our one to one Skype guitar lessons will undoubtedly please any enthusiast guitarist, whether he is an absolute beginner or a proficient guitarist. They are offered in all guitar styles which are electric, classical, jazz and electric.

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At The Online Guitar Institute, we wish our one to one Skype guitar lessons to be highly educational and enjoyable. Instead of following a set syllabus, we adapt to each and design a guitar course just for you. We believe that personalisation is vital when it comes to guitar learning, and we want you to benefit from an efficient education while learning how to play your favourite songs or pieces.

Thanks to our excellent one to one Skype guitar lessons, you can enjoy the remarkable tuition of a top-notch guitar instructor without having to leave your residence. Wherever you are located around the globe, you can now have access to the experts and make your dreams of becoming a brilliant guitarist come true!

Improve your guitar skills in the comfort of your residence and benefit from highly personalised advice

We are pleased to work with highly qualified and experienced guitar teachers who possess the necessary skills to make you enjoy your one to one guitar course tremendously. We perfectly understand that you play the guitar for your pleasure, and we will always adapt our teaching accordingly.

  • Learn how to play or improve your guitar skills drastically
  • Study under the guidance of the most excellent guitar instructors
  • Benefit from highly educational and enjoyable one to one guitar courses
  • Choose between electric, acoustic, jazz or classical guitar
  • Make remarkable progress in a short period thanks to our result-oriented methods
  • Learn the songs, solos or pieces of your choice

The Online Guitar Institute is home to all adult guitar lovers who want to study their favourite instrument and improve their skills with understanding and patient instructors. By booking one to one Skype guitar lessons with us, you will surely benefit from the guitar education you are looking for and be impressed by how enjoyable the process is!