Skype Metal guitar courses

Iron Maiden, AC/DC or Metallica… You should not look any further if you are a big fan of one of these bands and want to develop your guitar playing further. You have surely found the right place! At The Online Guitar Institute, we provide the most excellent Skype metal guitar lessons to adults from anywhere around the globe and assure that they become the guitarist of their dreams without having to leave their residence.

Metal guitarist

Teaching metal guitar to adults is one of our specialities, and we would be delighted to show you the right techniques and improve your game drastically, thanks to a fantastic online platform called Skype. Metal guitar teaching does not need to respect any border anymore and can be taught to all metal guitar enthusiasts wherever they live around the world.

Improve your skills and learn your favourite solos via Skype with top-notch metal guitar instructors

At The Online Guitar Institute, we are proud to work exclusively with outstanding metal guitarists who have a broad experience in teaching adults and a remarkable command of the instrument. Thanks to their expertise and the power of the new technology, you can surely improve your game tremendously by attending our Skype metal guitar lessons.

  • Enhance your speed picking under the guidance of a fantastic guitar instructor
  • Develop the most efficient tapping techniques
  • Learn how to improvise on the harmonic minor and the Phrygian dominant scales
  • Discover amazing sweep guitar techniques that allow playing at lightning speed
  • Play your favourite solos and compete with Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen

Whether you are an absolute beginner with no previous knowledge or a proficient metal guitarist, you can be assured to be in good hands and reach the stars rapidly thanks to our result-oriented methods.